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We help companies comb through NEUTRALITI sets and realize otherwise hidden trends, opportunities and threats to their business.


We believe in your success and that NEUTRALITI can help you achieve the best results for your business, regardless of your field or target market.

Co-Founder & Brand Marketing Expert

Junoon is a multi-talented professional with extensive expertise in graphic design, digital marketing, and brand growth consulting. With a keen eye for creativity and innovation, Junoon excels in crafting captivating visuals and developing effective digital marketing strategies to elevate brand presence. Their skills extend to social media management, where they expertly curate engaging content and foster meaningful connections with target audiences. Additionally, Junoon's proficiency in e-commerce brand management ensures seamless online store experiences that drive conversions. As a startup creation and growth roadmap consultant, Junoon leverages their diverse skill set to guide aspiring entrepreneurs, providing invaluable insights and strategies to facilitate their journey towards success.


Inspired by the limitless possibilities of combining their skills, Junoon envisioned a company that could provide comprehensive solutions to businesses seeking to thrive in the digital realm. They were motivated by the potential to create striking visual identities, develop innovative marketing strategies, and guide startups towards sustainable growth.

Ultimately, Junoon's aspiration to build a company was fueled by the desire to be a catalyst for their clients' success. They wanted to leverage their vast experience, knowledge, and expertise to empower businesses, elevate brands, and drive tangible results. Junoon's dedication to their craft and their unwavering commitment to excellence laid the foundation for a company that embodies their passion, creativity, and relentless pursuit of growth.

Co-Founder & C.E.O.

Giridhari Prasad Nayak boasts an impressive career spanning over a decade, rich with expertise in digital marketing, branding, and PR event management. His influence extends far and wide, thanks to a robust network encompassing celebrities from various industries.

Specializing in crafting impactful PR events, brand campaigns, and marketing initiatives, Giridhari has forged collaborations with numerous companies and individuals. His extensive experience serves as a catalyst for driving business growth and elevating brand presence.

However, his contributions transcend the corporate sphere. Giridhari dedicates himself to societal welfare by offering strategic guidance to NGOs. His consultancy aids in their growth, facilitates certifications, and provides solutions for tackling pressing issues.

What sets Giridhari apart is his multifaceted skill set, honed through diverse experiences. This amalgamation of talents reflects his unwavering commitment to fostering positive change with a neutral and inclusive approach.


Qualified Professionals from all over World.

Not only is our team full of professionals – we're a fun bunch, too.


Projects delivered

Last year, we successfully completed over 100 individual projects worldwide.


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We have specialist experience in a handful of industries.

Who are we

Brand Growth Consultants

"Partner with our expert Brand Growth Consultants to ignite exponential growth for your business. Through data-driven insights and strategic expertise, we unlock new avenues of success, elevating your brand to unprecedented heights."

Digital Marketing Experts

"Our Digital Marketing Experts are masters of the digital realm, crafting innovative strategies that drive results and propel your brand forward. With a deep understanding of the ever-evolving landscape, they navigate complexities with precision, delivering impactful campaigns that leave a lasting impression."

Graphic Designers

"Our designers have an extensive background in data analysis, and often work together with our other specialists on various projects. "

Website Developers /
App Developers

"Our skilled Website Developers and App Developers are the architects of seamless digital experiences, building user-friendly interfaces that combine functionality and aesthetics. With their expertise in coding and design, they bring your vision to life, ensuring optimal performance across platforms."

Startup Funding Consultants

"Our Startup Funding Consultants are expert navigators of the investment landscape, connecting innovative startups with the right funding opportunities. With their vast network and strategic guidance, they help secure the financial backing needed to fuel growth and take startups to new heights."

Why choose us?

We believe in your success and that NEUTRALITI can help you achieve the best results for your business, regardless of your field or target market.

Global experience

We have worked with multinational companies, as well as smaller businesses from all continents.

Quality for value

Our motto is to provide only the highest quality to our clients, no matter the circumstances.

Financial Funding

Each project we work on is tailored to the particular client's exact needs, not the other way around.

High standards

We take our Clients seriously, meaning that we only deliver work that we can be proud of.

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